Software Development

Our Software Development capabilities mirror the breadth of the systems we provide.

  • We develop complex, mission-critical server applications in C++ and Java running under Linux. We provide these systems in 24×7 hot-standby configurations when downtime is not an option, such as the navigation and aeronautical systems we provide.
  • The resource management and authorization systems we deliver manage databases at enterprise-level scales. One of our systems contains 100 million records, while other handles sustained loads of 2 million transactions per hour.
  • The power of these systems is harnessed by toolkits like JavaFX running on Windows to provide advanced user interfaces for system monitor and control, data visualization, and mapping.
  • Board-level designs are programmed in C and C++ to extract maximum performance from their embedded processors running Linux. Higher performance designs add real-time extensions to provide response time on the order of milliseconds, while microcontroller-based designs are programmed “bare-metal”.
  • Our substantial library of software frameworks enables significant amounts of code re-use across projects to cut development time and increase reliability.

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