Systems Engineering

Systems CapabilitiesOur Systems Engineering team works closely with our Hardware and Software teams to provide cohesive solutions.

  • We have significant experience in a broad range of satellite systems, including satellite radio, on-orbit payload testing and monitoring, network design, and resource allocation and optimization.
  • Our satellite system capabilities are complemented by comprehensive earth station design expertise. Calian, Advanced Technologies has provided communications and TT&C systems for low earth orbit to deep space missions, with antenna sizes up to 35 meters and frequencies up to Ka-band.
  • The systems we build are driven by the algorithms we develop and are validated by the simulations we design. This work is done across a range of complex problem domains that include sophisticated modulation and demodulation schemes, channel modeling, and satellite payload simulation.
  • Systems Engineering is deeply involved in all phases of our projects, starting from up-front requirements analysis and design, to integration and test, followed by installation and training. Operations planning and support can also be provided.

Calian, Advanced Technologies experienced Systems Engineering team works closely with our customers to develop and refine system requirements. Extensive system analysis tools and capabilities ensure the delivery of an optimized design anywhere in the world.