Build to Print

Calian, Advanced Technologies adheres to lean manufacturing principles, providing our customers with the best quality product at the lowest cost.  We can address any challenges the product may encounter including manufacturability issues, obsolete components, creating a test program, tight timelines, highly variable production rates and more.

Calian, Advanced Technologies has processes in place to ensure that configuration of the manufactured product, from design documentation to product delivery is strictly maintained, documented and controlled.  As a result, we’re able to offer our customers a complete turnkey manufacturing service that covers the complete product lifecycle.

From product prototyping through to managing product obsolescence – Calian, Advanced Technologies has the complete suite of appropriately skilled and experienced people, processes, and facilities to support your specific needs.

Build To Print

Build to print capabilities:
  • Build to print circuit cards, units, test systems, cables and wire harnesses
  • Extensive experience in RF build and test
  • Build to specification or block diagram with Calian, Advanced Technologies finalizing the design
  • Inventory control and supermarket solutions for the best fit with your schedule
  • Obsolescence management
  • Test plans and methodology