Electromechanical Assembly


Calian, Advanced Technologies offers electromechanical assembly as part of our in-house manufacturing services.  We routinely produce a wide range of electromechanical assemblies supporting both our clients’ and our own demand.

Our experience ranges from complex cryogenic cooling systems for deep space antenna systems to producing thousands of wireless transceiver boxes for agricultural monitoring.

Calian, Advanced Technologies also has extensive experience producing RF and microwave subsystems including switch matrices, radar head ends, up/down converters, modulators, and waveguide networks.  We produce instrumentation for some of the largest test equipment manufacturers in the world on an OEM basis.

Electromechanical capabilities include:
  • Unit assembly and test
  • Conformal coating and potting
  • Thermal and vibration testing
  • Safety and EMI certification (in conjunction with an NRTL)