Life Cycle Management

Calian, Advanced Technologies offers life cycle management for your product, and we have processes in place to manage the entire lifecycle.  From inception, through engineering design and manufacture, as well as repair and overhaul, Calian, Advanced Technologies has the expertise to ensure the products’ lifecycle is managed effectively.


Repair and Overhaul

The products we supply to our customers are often employed in harsh environments. Accordingly, we have the capabilities and infrastructure in place to provide quick response repair of failed hardware. Our overhaul services help to ensure our customers get the best value and maximum useful life from their products.

Calian, Advanced Technologies can also extend our Repair and Overhaul offering to suppliers who have an In-Service Support obligation for their products but do not have a significant presence in Canada.

Inventory Control

Our inventory is managed using an MRP-II project requirements planning tool.  Inventory is kept in a controlled-access and stable environment to ensure it is preserved in a production-ready state. Forward and backward material traceability is in place. To ensure repetitive build products are manufactured in a lean and efficient environment, we often use KANBAN inventory control methods.

In some circumstances, we hold customer or government-owned inventory as a means to reduce repair turnaround time.


We take a proactive approach to design manufacturability, and, using our extensive Engineering expertise, work with our customers to ensure any obsolescence issues are identified and mitigated as they arise. This helps our customers maintain a high level of system operational effectiveness while maximizing effective operational life.

Configuration Control

Calian, Advanced Technologies has processes in place to ensure that the configuration of the manufactured product, from design documentation to product delivery is strictly maintained, documented and controlled.