Systems Integration

Calian, Advanced Technologies offers systems integration services to ensure that various subsystems and components work together simultaneously as one unit and function as required.

Calian, Advanced Technologies’ roots are in the satellite industry and for over 50 years, our manufacturing services group has been producing both large and small systems for a variety of ground stations.

Past projects include systems integration services as diverse as deep-space antenna systems to fully qualified ship-based military communications systems.  We install the systems we produce around the globe, and we offer long-term support to our customers.

System Integration

Systems integration capabilities:
  • Unit assembly, rack & stack, HVAC and Cryogenic systems
  • Cable production, installation and dressing
  • Transportable ground systems
  • Factory integration and test
  • Shock and vibration testing
  • Shipping and logistics worldwide
  • Site installation and test
  • Long-term support