Wiring Harness and Cable Assembly

Cable Assembly

With an extensive inventory of automated equipment SED is well placed to produce a wide variety of cables and harnesses. From simple coaxial assemblies to multi-branch wiring harnesses for military vehicles we deliver high-quality products when you need them in volumes of 1 to thousands.

Our assembly team is fully trained and works to IPC-A-620. Volumes permitting, cables are produced using a lean system.

Our capabilities include:

  • Complex harnesses for military, agricultural, and industrial uses with a variety of jacket types
  • Custom conductor layups
  • Over-braid shielding for EMI/EMC sensitive applications
  • Multi-conductor military-rugged cables for power, control and data
  • RF cables, (coax, triax, Heliax, semi-rigid and wave guide assemblies)
  • Automated test