Manufacturability Optimization

SED’s customers are considered a valued part of our company’s growth potential and your success leads to ours as well.

To that end SED is continually investigating methods to improve the design and manufacturability of the products we build.

We will work with your design Engineers to:

  • Come up with the most cost effective enclosure or packaging for your product. SED has experience with numerous methods of castings, shaped metal, dip brazed enclosures and machined alloys. We have extensive experience working with casting suppliers to provide an enclosure with minimal costly machining requirements. We can also specify the most cost effective finish for your product
  • Specify commercial or Mil Spec. Off-the-shelf hardware to replace custom items.
  • SED can take a basic wiring diagram and develop the most cost effective cable assembly to meet your EMI and environmental requirements.
  • Broaden your supplier base to get the best price and lead time for the components you require
  • Assist in ROHS compliance component selection
  • At SED we are partners in our customer’s success