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Low Earth Orbit Satellites


Calian, Advanced Technologies provides Satellite Operations services and we’re the industry leader in Canada when it comes to flying specialized Earth Observation Satellites.  We are the resident prime contractor at the Canadian Space Agency (near Montreal), providing 24/7 flight services to CSA smallsat missions.

Calian, Advanced Technologies began operating satellites with the pre-launch and launch of Radarsat-1, whose original mission life of 7 years was extended to almost 19 years as a result of ongoing efficient, safe and sustainable operations.

Calian, Advanced Technologies also supports the flight of other CSA smallsat missions such as Scisat-1 and NEOSSat, M3MSA, including a range of flight services for the Radarsat-2 satellite.  In 2019, Calian, Advanced Technologies began supporting the Radarsat Constellation Mission, adding the total multi-mission support to 7 LEO satellites.

Calian, Advanced Technologies provides ongoing support throughout the mission lifecycle including operations planning, operations development, launch support, LEOP, and routine operations.  Our team has a wealth of knowledge and includes Satellite Engineers, whose expertise is well distributed in power systems, thermal, attitude control, as well as, avionics.

Our flight dynamics group performs orbit determination, maneuver planning for collision avoidance, as well as, maintaining tight control on satellite ground track performance for best imaging results.  At Calian, Advanced Technologies we have highly experienced real-time operations personnel for contact planning, on-console real-time activities, and maintenance of ground segment platforms. Our cross-trained staff are also proficient with the maintenance of RF, baseband, and full-motion antenna equipment.

Calian, Advanced Technologies offers innovative and practical solutions for our customers’ demanding and complex requirements, delivered on-time and within budget. Contact us today to get started.

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